Here's some of the common questions we are asked about Lions Bay 

Q.)Who first used the portion of land known as Lions Bay Beach Park?

A.) During the 1920's St. Mark's Anglican Church from Kitsilano in  Vancouver used our Lions Bay Beach Park Area as a boy's Summer Camp.

Q.)When was the Squamish Highway opened?

A.) The Squamish Highway was opened in August, l958 and was gravelled.  Until then, commuters had to rely on private boats or the railway to get to Squamish.

Q.)When were the first homes built in Lions Bay?

A.) Bob Nelson, the original developer of Lions Bay, sold the first lots in the Spring of l958 and aside from a shack on the old Miller property, now known as Kelvin Grove, the first homes were built around l958 and l959. The first families were the Stewart's, Coltart's and the Dalrymple's, to name a few. Bob Nelson also built the small wading pool and the beach house at Lions Bay Beach in the late l950's.

Q.) What was the status of Lions Bay prior to incorporation?

         A.)  Residents formed the Lions Bay Property Owners' Association. This Association was responsible, amongst other things, for many wonderful recreational events of the day. Lions Bay became a Water Improvement District in l964 and was incorporated as a Village on January 2nd, l971.

Q.) When was the first Seagull published?

A.) Bob Nelson first started publishing a newsletter to property owners in l959. This continued until October l969 when the first Seagull was distributed. It was originally published by the Property Owners' Association and subsequently by the Village Office Staff. The Seagull was published every 2 months until April l991. Several subsequent publications came and went. Communication is now largely done through Social Media. 

Q.) What is the history of our Volunteer Fire Department and the fire trucks?

A.) The  Volunteer Fire Department was well established by June 1970 and at first was run by several women in the Village because they were in the Village during the daytime and were very enthusiastic and dedicated. The Fire truck was purchased in l970 by residents Bob DeWolfe and Gary Ingram at a surplus auction in Richmond at a cost of $1,500. Gary Ingram was Lions Bay's first Fire Chief. This fire truck was eventually sold and the Village purchased a 1954 GMC from the Village of Warfield, B.C. in l974. Our current fire truck was purchased in l980 and the mini-pumper purchased in l988.


  • January 2nd, l971 - date of incorporation of the Village of Lions Bay as a Municipality.   The Inaugural Council Meeting was held on February 22nd, l971 with Curly Stewart as the first Mayor of Lions Bay.
  •  l971 - Lions Bay General Store was opened.   In l972 the Post boxes were installed in the Store.   Prior to l972 residents picked up their mail on the Highway, just North of Horseshoe Bay.
  • September l972 - Lions Bay Village Hall was opened
  • April 2nd, l977 - Lions Bay Elementary School was opened.
  • October l977 - Ambulance Service began
  • September l981 - The Lions Bay Library started as a book club with Mansje More, Daphne Henselwood, Rosie Christie, Jeanette Kimmett and others.   Someone had the idea of starting a Library so the group sought funding and it all began.
  • March l987 - Village Works yard and Public Works Building was opened in Kelvin Grove. in 2008 it was dedicated to the first Superintendent. 
  • November 2nd, l987 - Lions Bay Bus No. 259 began service.
  • September 24th, l989 - The Lions Bay School playing field was grassed.
  • August 1990 - The new Emergency building opened.
  • September l990 - Lions Bay Historical Committee was formed and became a Society in May, l995.
  • December l990 - Municipal Offices moved to the old Fire Hall and the new Council Chambers were opened.
  • April l991 - A new home for the Lions Bay Library where the Village Office used to be. 
  • November 1993 - Emergency building dedication "The Klatt Building".
  • January l994 - Highway 99 Watch was formed by a group of residents interested in making the Highway safer.
  • January 14th, l996 - The Lions Bay Municipal Flag unveiled.
  • October 22nd, 1999 - Amalgamation of Brunswick Beach and Lions Bay.
  • July 1st, 2000 - The Lori Beck Memorial BBQ at Beach Park. "Lori's Corner".
  • Sept 6th, 2005 - Hourly bus service started.
  • May 24th, 2008 - Coat of Arms unveiled.
  • October 11th, 2008 - "Frank Smith Work Yard" Official opening.
  • 2009 - New Highway completed/ Sea to Sky Olympic upgrade.
  • 2010 - Native Garden opens.
  • February 12th, 2010 - Start of Winter Olympics.
  • May 14th, 2011 - Centennial Trail official opening.
  • 2015 - Village Hall renovated.
  • September, 2016 - Lions Bay Library closed.
  • 2016 - Village Hall renamed "Broughton Hall".
  • November 2018 - Council Chambers moved to old library location.

Facts (Since Incorporation in 1971)

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