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Shirley Ann Stockes (nee Croll)

August 24, 1934 - August 8, 2020

Maria Morden

November 9, 1935 - October 20, 2017

Sir Norman Kirby

July 9, 1925 - March 24, 2021

Rudolf Luethy

December 25, 1943 - April 4, 2021

Kenneth Rafe Mair 

December 31, 1931 – October 9, 2017

My Reflections on the passing of my friend Rafe Mair!

With the passing of Rafe Mair we are once again reminded that it is the moments and memories that move us to a place of reflection. Rafe was a Canadian citizen larger then life. He moved to Lions Bay with his beloved wife Wendy and their dog Clancy and later Chancy. Our Village by the sea were integral parts of his walks to Kelvin Grove beach, his rides to the Cafe on his new wheels, his chariot. Rafe looked forward to his numerous trips on the C12 bus and his adventures to dine with friends. 

His relentless firing off of e-mails to folks around the globe made him a believer and a steadfast man that never shied away from controversy. Conversations with Rafe were never dull.

Rafe and I shared many quiet, wondrous and at times comical moments. 

As our friendship ripened over time, we became the unique neighbours at the Townhouses.

His passion for the protection of Howe Sound, his outspoken view on the Pacific Salmon and fish farming were always in his repertoire.

His beloved chocolate labs, dogs in general, politics, political views, books, Sir Winston Churchill,  classical music, Baseball, fly fishing  and travels to many destinations blended well with his taste for simple foods and his favorite chicken wings. Above and beyond Rafe was a B.C. boy, ever so proud of his heritage.

Rafe left us with his books to reflect of his time growing up in Vancouver, the many topics laced with his passion that were close and dear to his heart. 

The committed friends and neighbours shared their gifts of time. Their visits are a testimony of the care and love they shared with Rafe. They showed up at his door with home cooked meals, with baked treats and coffee to go with morning glory muffins. A kind young lad would be on Rafe’s speed dial. Anytime Rafe needed technical support for his lifeline to the world, he would arrive at his door and fix his ipad. Although his body failed him, Rafe ‘s mind stayed intact and sharp with names, places, stories and dates for all the years I knew Rafe.

My last image of Rafe is in his private hospital room at Lions Gate. Sitting in his wheelchair with a warm blanket draped over his shoulders. The room had a view of the Lions. I pointed out the framed picture to Rafe. As he looked at me, he quietly said; ‘Trudi, I’ll be home soon!’ Which home he was referring to, will remain a mystery.

We all knew Rafe's last chapter would come to a close. It never quite prepares us to say goodbye and to deal with the loss and grief of yet another wonderful and unique member of our Lions Bay family.

To the circle of friends who were there to share Rafe’s last Season and his impressive life; “thank you!”

"Rest in peace my friend"

Trudi Luethy 

Member of the Lions Bay Historical Society 

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Ann Murdoch

October 11, 1934 - June 4, 2017

Alexander Murdoch

October 25, 1926 - April 1, 2019

Annmarie Gates

November 24, 1940 - July 29, 2020

Maria Justine Morden-Schlatmann

Obituary - Vancouver Province, October 25, 2017

With deepest sorrow we announce the passing of Maria, beloved wife of John (d. 2004); mother of Michael (Kim), Richard (Lesley), David (Lani) and Amanda (Craig); and loving Oma to Lawrence, Grant, Samantha, Christina, Alicia, Isabel, Maya and Marcus. Born November 9, 1935 in Haarlem, Holland, passed away peacefully surrounded with love. Our thanks to all the staff at Lions Gate Hospital at Emergency and 7 West and Amica West Vancouver. Memorial Service at 2 p.m. Friday, October 27, St. Anthony's Catholic Church, 2347 Inglewood Avenue, West Vancouver, BC. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Alzheimer Society of Canada or Diabetes Canada.


​I considered Maria a dear friend. What struck me most, was Maria's zest for life, her strong opinions, and her ability to be kind to everyone, accepting of everyone, even if she didn't agree with you.  There was no grass growing under her feet that's for certain. Maria was aware of the complications that this world brings and the challenges for woman in particular.   She was sympathetic, tough, straight forward and always was able to laugh.  

Her no nonsense approach to life helped save a birds' life once, when I showed up at her door with a little sparrow fighting to stay alive inside a box that a local workman handed me in hopes I could save it, she said  "So you brought it to me did you ducky?" Well, he's no good. He's not going to make it,  it's that simple.  (after a short pause) The only way he'll make it is if you set him down and leave him alone.  Leave him on my front and we'll see what happens to the little fellow, he just might surprise us."  And he did - by the time we finished our tea, he rallied and flew away. 

Maria always laughed and she was a good sport.  I will miss her.  I would bring her to my kids concerts and plays and events.  It was always delightful to have Maria around.  

Thanks for your friendship Maria.  I'm so happy for the memories we were able to create in such a short period of time.  Rest well.  

Karen Jeffery     

Ovil Ambrose Oldridge Jr.

July 11, 1924 - October 12, 2017

Mary Comber Miles

Februrary 2, 1933 -  February 10, 2023

Ovil ( Buff ) Oldridge

Alas Buff has left us.

I miss him greatly walking down our street with his dog Bailey.

You could hear him whistling or singing and always delighted to have a fun conversation.

His career was most interesting and when he left the US on his way to Europe in WW11 as he passed the Statue of Liberty he said “ If I return I promise to make something of myself “

At the end of the war he was on General Eisenhower’s Staff and saw plenty of Europe.

Upon his return he studied for Psychiatry and for 20 years taught at UBC.

After retiring he spent many years with the Correctional Service visiting various prisons with the Province.

He was always a familiar face at the Remembrance Service on November 11th in Broughton Hall and meeting old friends on that occasion.

Although he left Lions Bay earlier this year we somehow always expected to see him walking down the street again.

He will be sadly missed.

Tony Cox. Member of the Lions Bay Historical Society