Lions Bay Historical Society

 The Sea to Sky Highway, taken in the 1950's, before it was paved in 1958.

Norman's Lodge on point of Brunswick Beach, circa 1920's. It was never used as a lodge, and  burned down in the 1930's.

Elliot House, the first building constructed on Brunswick Beach in the early 1900's.

Brunswick Jetti and Landing dock taken in 1960. Originally built in 1910, the ship Britannia would stop here twice a day at that time with people and supplies.

The first house built at Lions Bay Park in 1920. St. Mark's Church Purchased 100 acres here and sold it in 1941.

Curly Stewart, holding an average catch back in the day.

Photo taken of Lions Bay Beach Park in the 1950's, which originally had a popular wading pool along the slopes of the beach.

 Advertisement Brochure in the 1950's showing the proposed future development of Lions Bay as a community.

Lions Bay Waterfront, photo taken in 1959 by Gordon Kerns before development.

Proposed development of houses above Brunswick Beach in 1909.

Brunswick Beach in 1950, taken near Tunnel Point.